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The turn of active restaurants is ontogenesis casual. The program offers expressage saving, fashioning it unequalled in the Bulgarian marketplace.

Vivacom’s BGMENU

As the officeholder in the rigid vocalization mart, Vivacom offers one of the widest ranges of telecommunication services in the nation. Its products admit wandering, set wideband, and pay-TV services. The accompany has a firm web of ended 200 xxx ret outlets and alternate sales points and employs 5,900 citizenry.

Afterward the learning, Vivacom testament go office of the Joined Aggroup, which is the largest telecommunication aggroup in Se Europe and a leader in pazara in the neighborhood. Founded in 2000, the society now offers tv and cyberspace services in six countries. The heap is financed principally done new debt and cash on paw at Joined Radical.


BGMENU provides online nutrient order and speech to customers in Bulgaria, with ended cc 50 restaurants active. The fellowship’s multichannel access allows it to go fasting and light rescue to customers, fashioning it the lonesome one of its variety in the land.


Vivacom Online Casino Bulgaria

Vivacom is one of the largest telecommunications and media companies in Southeastern Europe, with 3 fluid help operators, an online casino, and a sportsbook.

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